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CB Radio's
    CB Antenna's | Mobile
      Mobile C.B. Antennas
        CB Mic's | Handheld Mic's
        CB Antennas | HomeBase
          CB Walkie Talkie
            2 Mtr Handheld
              Air-Band Scanner Radio's
              PMR 446 Radio/Walkie-Talkies
                CB-Ham Aerial Mag-mts
                  CB Antenna Mount's | Adapters
                    Coaxial Cable's CB/Amateur
                      PL/BNC plugs & RF Adapters
                        Twin-Trucker CB Aerial Kit.
                          10 Meter HF Transceiver's
                            Amateur Mobile Dual & Tri band Antennas
                              Amateur Base Antennas:
                                Helmet Head set kit
                                  SWR Meters & Matcher's
                                    CB Mobile Amplifiers & Preamplifier's
                                      CB & Amateur Accessories
                                        12V PA-amplifier
                                          CB Radio Book
                                            TV Aerial Bracket's & Fixings/Bolts
                                              TV Aerial's & essentials (Digital)
                                                Power Supplies-(PSU) for CB Radio
                                                  80inch Trialer for sale
                                                    Air RifleScopes
                                                      Air-Arms PCP Rifles & Pellet's.

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                                                      CB Radio's Browse our wide range of CB Radio and radio communications. Order online now for fast delivery or collect in store.
                                                      CB Antenna's | Mobile Base/Middle & Top loaded CB Antennas, to suit any vehicle. Including Twin-Truckers.
                                                      Mobile C.B. Antennas Mag-mount, Mirror-mount, Gutter-mount, Body-mount
                                                      CB Mic's | Handheld Mic's Replacement CB-Mic's to suit just about every CB from stock.
                                                      CB Antennas | HomeBase 1/2wave & 5/8th wave home base antennas, are our best sellers at very competitive prices.
                                                      CB  Walkie Talkie Handheld CB Radios, rugged in design packed with many features:
                                                      2 Mtr Handheld Intek KT-380EE Amateur Radio 2-meter Band VHF FM Transceiver 144-146Mhz 80Ch 5W ONLY 1 LEFT #
                                                      Air-Band Scanner Radio's VHF/UHF Air-band Scanners, Mobile Scanner Aerial & Air-band Frequency Book
                                                      PMR 446 Radio/Walkie-Talkies LICENCE FREE Two way handhelds Ideal for Small Business & Pleasure
                                                      CB-Ham  Aerial Mag-mts A choice of Magnetic Antenna mounts of varying sizes. 3/8th Unf water tight aerial fitting and SO 239 Aerial type fitting.
                                                      CB Antenna Mount's | Adapters Browse our range of CB Antenna mount's inc; Gutter | Mirror | Body & Boot Mt, order on line or collect for our shop.
                                                      Coaxial Cable's CB/Amateur 6mm RG 58U - 7mm Mini 8 - 9mm RG213U, Quality RF coaxial cables, plugs to suit all.
                                                      PL/BNC plugs & RF Adapters Comprehensive choice of adapters and plugs most common to every day use by CB & Amateur Radio users.
                                                      Twin-Trucker  CB Aerial Kit. The 'Twin Trucker' BIG-RIG antenna system will give the user more range from their Cb radio while on the move.
                                                      10 Meter HF Transceiver's CRE 8900 10/11M MULTIMODE AM FM USB LSB CW MULTICOLOR DISPLAY
                                                      Amateur Mobile  Dual & Tri band Antennas Quality Dual & Tri-band antennas from Lafayette, Sirio, Hoxin, K-PO, Sharman. Antenna supplied could be any of the above named. They are all the same product.
                                                      Amateur Base Antennas: Lafayette/Hoxon High performance amateur Home base Antennas at competitive price.
                                                      SWR Meters & Matcher's Test equipment to keep your antenna in peek performance, ROSH Compliant:
                                                      CB Mobile Amplifiers & Preamplifier's Mobile Amplifiers that help you go that extra 'Mile' or two!
                                                      CB & Amateur Accessories A comprehensive choice of CB & Amateur Radio accessories.
                                                      12V PA-amplifier 12v Mobile PA System designed for use in vehicle's, powered from the cigarette lighter socket. We also sell PA speakers and Mic's to suit this equipment. ROSH Compliant:
                                                      CB Radio Book Cb'ers Bible don't miss out on this classic book filled with lots of Cb Jargon and Technical terms. Not many left....
                                                      TV Aerial Bracket's & Fixings/Bolts Bracket's-Fixings and poles as used by aerial riggers to fit any type of CB, TV or Communications antennas.
                                                      TV Aerial's & essentials (Digital) High Gain Triax TV Antenna.
                                                      Power Supplies-(PSU) for CB Radio Switch-mode power supplie.
                                                      80inch Trialer for sale + a few Range Rover bits.
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                                                      Aerial Mount-Kit

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